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Three tenets of marketing communications

In Coaching, Management, Marketing on December 10, 2012 at 12:26 pm

katie price snickers

Marketing campaigns have taken innumerable forms under the pressures of competitive capitalism. However, the most successful examples share three qualities.

The best marketing communication campaigns are distinctive, customer-orientated and conscious of the positioning, qualities and perceived value of the product they are pushing.

Firstly, successful campaigns reach, resonate and register with potential customers. In order to build profitable customer relationships, successful campaigns take a dazzling variety of forms, from Domino’s Times Square interactive billboard on to a Boots deal on the back of a bus ticket. A race for distinctive communications has steered some agencies away from focus group research, finding public input drives campaigns towards the middle ground. Campaigns which take on a cultural life of their own are celebrated within the industry and mainstream media. For instance, the Old Spice campaign saw millions of people engaging with a brand that had been consigned to the grave.

Secondly, marketing communications should grow out of an understanding of the customer. Tesco Mobile knows that parodying iPhone ads aligns their offer with price-sensitive customers looking for no-nonsense service in contrast with the glamorous positioning of competing brands. A campaign may have high production values, stylish design and be enviably placed but, without an idea of the customer needs, wants and desires at stake, it will fail. This means differentiation is vital.

Thirdly. In order to be accepted by consumers marketing messages, however abstract, must be built on the qualities of the product, service or brand. Snickers’s 2012 ‘hungry celebrity’ Twitter campaign referenced the bar’s everyday snack appeal, but would undermine a luxury brand like Hotel Chocolat which celebrates high grade and high prices in the gift market.

Successful campaigns differ in many ways but have consistently provided distinctive, imaginative, targeted and authentic communications.


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