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Ambrosia’s hidden meanings

In Management, Marketing on December 10, 2012 at 12:02 pm
Ambrosia picnic

Click for ad (video)

Marketing bloggers are infamous for searching for hidden messages in print ads or TV spots.  Yet, for every dreamt-up satanic cameo there is a legitimate observation of the careful details used to support the overall message of the advertiser. Henley Business Review turns our detective’s glass on  Ambrosia’s latest offering.

According to Campaign Live: “Set in the countryside, the quirky animated spot features an apple, a flask, a Scotch egg and a chicken drumstick laid out for a picnic, each animated with a superimposed face. The team used sophisticated prosthetics to ensure the characters’ faces fit seamlessly on to the objects.”

“Devon knows it’s unbelievably good” is the conclusion of the advert conducted as elements of a rural Devonshire scene incredulously respond to Ambrosia Rice’s dual benefits: being creamy, but low in fat. These attributes are clearly not meant to be missed –  pronounced at least 10 times in 32 seconds  The ad portrays news spreading outwards from the original spoon. Early adopters, it is implied, can pride themselves with being ahead of the curve.

On another level the advert must be read as celebrating Ambrosia as a rival to traditional snacks. While the spoons (the natural ally of the rice pudding) respond with unambiguous joy at the new arrival, the chicken leg and the Scotch egg appear disconcerted: are they to be replaced?

Ambrosia’s product is not lent a voice; its quality speaks for itself. The rest of the food is imbued with overexcited and disturbed personalities. Ambrosia’s offering can be seen to involve less fuss than alternatives. (You wouldn’t want to be caught by an exploding thermos!)

The music is borrowed from a 1970s puppet show. So the ad’s secondary message becomes clearer. Ambrosia is a well-established purveyor of traditional puddings proud of a heritage in a county famed for its cream and authentic rural produce, but Ambrosia’s new offering differs from the rest of the food at the picnic – it is modern, convenient and, of course lest we forget… creamy and low in fat.


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